Education for the Future

“In a world of accelerating change and increasing uncertainty, what values will help inspire and sustain children as they become young adults? Unlike past generations, children today can expect to have several careers during their lives, and can expect to be lifelong learners because many of the jobs they will have don’t yet exist.  The pace of change today is accelerating as never before in history.  How can we prepare a generation that will be comfortable with change, and that will have the tools and the willingness to confront – and solve – the many problems of our global society?”
Rahima Baldwin Dancy, Mothering Magazine

Come see for yourself why Waldorf Education has become the fastest growing independent educational movement in the world and how it is guiding and supporting children to become critical thinkers and independent learners, resilient and prepared for their future.  Explore our website, visit campus, speak with our teachers, parents, students, and alumni  – consider Anchorage Waldorf School for your child!

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