Social Inclusion

Code of Compassion


  • Be respectful by listening and hearing people out
  • Share mutual trust
  • Be considerate of your school and its property
  • Speak respectfully to others
  • Let others be who they are
  • Strive for peaceful interactions
  • Be honorable and pleasant to all living beings, things and creatures


  • Pay attention to other students
  • Be reliable to your teachers
  • Keep the campus safe physically, mentally and spiritually
  • Be patient to all around you by giving time and space
  • Be inclusive to your classmates and others
  • Comfort others when they do not feel well or are sad
  • Be understanding when someone has a question


  • Be diligent and participate in every class
  • Try your best and respect your teachers, they are the foundation for your entire life

This Code of Compassion was written by the 7th and 8th Grade students in 2010.