Employment Opportunities

We have the following openings at Anchorage Waldorf School for the 2015/16 academic year:

For more information or to apply for teaching or summer camp positions, please contact diane.vandommelen@waldorfak.org
For more information or to apply for administrative positions, please contact reneepparks@gmail.com


Lead Aftercare Teacher (part-time hourly)

Position Overview

  • Provide a safe, home-like environment for students who cannot spend this time at their own homes
  • Lead activities including the preparation of a healthy snack, free play in and out of doors, games, crafts, and more
  • Engage children in a caring and considerate way, adhering to our Social Inclusion Policy and procedures of discipline
  • Hours: 2:15-6pm


  • Strong communication skills with children and adults
  • Ability to plan and implement activity programs
  • Understand Waldorf philosophy
  • Childcare experience or qualifications are desirable
  • Salary dependent on experience

5 Day Kindergarten Assistant (hourly) - Position filled

Office Assistant ( hourly, ~30h/wk) - Position filled

Executive Director

Reporting to the Board of Trustees, the Executive Director will execute the vision, the mission and the goals for our school. Responsible for all personnel, management and operations of the school, this person will be comfortable making decisions in a highly collaborative and creative environment and communicate clearly to all stakeholders. Upholding the highest degrees of integrity while representing the school and the mission of Waldorf Education, this person leads a small but dynamic team of Waldorf teachers and staff that are committed to providing the best education possible to fulfill our students’ potential. If you love children, and are a kind, thoughtful, articulate and experienced professional looking for a new and exciting challenge in your career, please consider applying for this position.

Position Overview

  • The Executive Director is solely responsible for the operation of the school, as delegated by the Board of Trustees (BOT), and for successful implementation of the school’s strategic plan
  • Ensures congruence among the school’s vision, mission, and core values and its policies, programs, and practices
  • Communicates the school’s vision, mission, and core values to the school community on a regular basis to promote full disclosure and foster understanding and support
  • Ensures that the goals of the strategic plan are met through the development of an operational plan
  • Ensures that the school’s policies demonstrate a commitment to diversity and inclusiveness
  • Is responsible and accountable for the daily operations of school
  • Manages and provides facilities that are aesthetically pleasing, fully functional and in compliance with all health, fire, safety and sanitary standards
  • Establishes and implements clear decision-making processes
  • Establishes and implements clear policies and procedures in all aspects of school affairs
  • Maintains the school’s 501(c)(3), not-for-profit status
  • Is responsible for the financial health of the school
  • Is responsible for achieving fundraising goals, supported by BOT
  • Ensures the school’s compliance with all applicable laws while adequately managing risk
  • Publishes a tuition and fee schedule, with clear refund, payment terms and Tuition Adjustment definitions, that meet legal and ethical considerations
  • Upholds the vision, purpose, and core values of the school
  • Strengthens the school’s relationship to Waldorf™ Education
  • Builds trust in the school community
  • Brings clarity to policies, processes, and communication
  • Fosters a culture of active participation and collaboration
  • Ensures the stability of the school by effectively administering the daily operations of the school including facilities and infrastructure, finances, enrollment, development, fundraising, public relations, personnel, and educational programs


  1. Bachelors degree or equivalent work experience
  2. Ability to clearly articulate Waldorf philosophy
  3. Proven managerial or executive experience
  4. Competent technology skills
  5. Excellent communication skills
  6. Ability to effectively delegate authority and responsibility
  7. Effective decision maker and problem solver
  8. Ability to maintain a sense of perspective and humor
  9. Personal characteristics include being honest, kind, outgoing


We are also always interested in deepening our substitute teacher list.  Please submit the following application for substitute teaching: Application: Substitute Teacher (PDF)