Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees meets monthly to foster  and support the development of the Anchorage Waldorf School as indicated in the articles of incorporation.

Current Board Members

Carla SlatonBarker – Board Member, President

Dohnn Wood – Board Member, Vice President

Jann Mylet – Board Member , Secretary

Connie Sanders – Interim Board Member, Treasurer

Renee Parks – Board Member 

Kate Elsmann – Board Member

Leska Beikircher – Board Member & Faculty Representative

The Board of Trustees is in a transitional phase as several members recently finished their terms of service and new members have been welcomed in.  Former members Joe Earsley, Jim Anderson, and Chris McMichael all finished out their terms and rotated off the Board at the close of the 2012-13 year; Steve Ingle and Brian Meissner also stepped down this fall but Brian will continue to support the Finance Committee’s work crafting and adjusting the budget for 2014/15.  Dohnn Woods (2nd grade parent), Leska Beikircher (Faculty Representative), Jann Mylet and Renee Parks (former employees) have joined the Board, and Connie Sanders has stepped in to assist with finances.  Kate Elsmann and CarlaSlaton Barker are returning members.  The Board is in the process of identifying and approaching additional potential new members.
This fall, in addition to staying abreast of operations in an advisory capacity – enrollment, finances, licensing – the Board has focused on reviewing and updating governance documents and bylaws to best support and reflect our the School’s current and anticipated future needs.  This work has included valuable planning sessions with visiting AWSNA governance mentor Stephan Vdoviak, a full day retreat with faculty, and in-depth discussions at monthly meetings.  The adoption of a mandate system with committees taking up authority and responsibility in several areas of school administration (for example, marketing, festivals, finance, etc.) is currently under review by Board and faculty as an interim model as the School stabilizes enrollment and moves forward with hiring a permanent administrator.
Please contact any of the Board members listed above with questions, suggestions or feedback.






Admin Council

The Admin Council works as a “collective head” to handle communication and decision-making responsibilities.

Parent Council

Parent Council’s purpose is to enhance the community life of the school.  It’s goals are to
- encourage active, positive communication between parents, classes, committees and the governing bodies of the school,
- inspire parent involvement in the school,
- provide a forum for parents’ ideas, initiatives and concerns,
- coordinate social and educational events for the school community, and
- strengthen our connection to the Anchorage community by hosting education events and initiating community service projects.

Fall Gala Committee

Creates a signature event that raises our school’s profile and supports our school’s financial health.

Finance Committee

Assists the Board of Trustees in assuring the positive financial health of the school by monitoring finance, budgeting and making financial recommendations.

Hiring Committee
Recruits and oversees the hiring process for main classroom teachers, specialty teachers and aftercare providers.

Marketing Committee
Develops and executes a successful marketing campaign, with the goal of building the student body to a level that provides stability for the school and strengthens our vibrant learning environment.

School Store Committee
Maintains our school store as a community resource for high quality items that support Waldorf education.

Social Health Coordinating Group
Facilitates and nurtures a healthy social environment within our school community, through the integration of social inclusion and community social health programs.