Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees meets monthly to lead  and foster the development of the Anchorage Waldorf School as indicated in the articles of incorporation.

Current Board Members

Kim Thomas– Board Member, President

Dorn VanDommelen – Board Member, Vice President

Jann Mylet – Board Member, Secretary

Laura Pannone-  Board Member, Interim Treasurer

Susan Barnes- Board Member & Faculty Representative

Linda Shepherd – Board Member

Annette Marley-Jester – Board Member


In early May 2014, the Board of Trustees and returning Faculty came to consensus approval of a new governance model transitioning from Administrator to Executive Director, at the recommendation of  AWS’s Strategic Planning Group, comprised of Board members, continuing faculty and community stakeholders. Please contact any of the Board members listed above with questions, suggestions or feedback.


Greetings Anchorage Waldorf Community,

At our September Board meeting, Renee Parks stepped down as President and I moved from being Vice President to President. Dorn VanDommelen is now our new Vice President. I am so grateful to Renee for her more than a year and a half of service as Board President and more than four years of continuous service on the Board plus over a decade of service on the Board all totaled! Fortunately Renee will still be around and involved in the school and Board, providing a valuable long term perspective as we move forward. I am grateful to Dorn for stepping up to be Vice President and to all our other Board members for all the hard work they do to help our school thrive.

The Board and faculty just had a wonderful overnight leadership retreat at Birchwood Camp. We collaborated on a vision for the school that is an extension of the strategic plan that is being developed over the last year. The first three Strategic Priorities are 1) increase enrollment to full capacity using a mixed age grades model, 2) stabilize finances, and 3) develop clear and consistent policies and communication. After working together at the retreat, we realized we needed to add an additional priority 4) cultivate the social mission and anthroposophical life of the school and the greater community. We believe that by adding this additional strategic priority, we will be able to stay focused on our school’s vision, mission and core values while moving forward with heart.

Our Mixed Age Grades Curriculum is going strong as I hope you have been able to experience at an assembly. I’d like to remind you that one of the components of the Mixed Age Grades model is that there is guarantee that every grade will be offered from Early Childhood through Grade 6 this year (Grade 7 next year, and then through grade 8 the next year and ongoing). There will never be any uncertainty about whether your child’s class will continue. We will continue to offer a rich Waldorf curriculum, which this year includes more eurythmy than has been offered in recent years.

I want to welcome you to join our monthly Board meetings which are typically on the 2nd Monday of the month from 6-8 pm. Our next meeting is October 12, 6-8 pm. I hope to see many of you at our Board meetings throughout the year.  And please let me or any of the other Board members know if you or someone you know are interested in joining the Board as a Board member.

I look forward to seeing you around the school this year. Thank you for all that you do to help our children and our school thrive. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Kim Thomas, Board President

907-250-0777 cell



Dear Anchorage Waldorf School and School Community,

As most of you probably know, I have stepped down from the board and have gratefully handed the presidency over to Kim Thomas.  I have served on the board for over 4 years consecutively, and although my presidential term was up in May, continued serving through the summer and into the fall.  Then the growing needs of my family became more pressing, and it was clear it was time for me to step down.

I had been talking to the board about this transition for several months before it occurred, and closely with Kim, who was the vice president at the time.  The handoff was planned and carefully considered and I feel very confident that Kim will do an excellent job leading the board into this new school year, and beyond.  Please support her, and the board, in whatever capacity you can.  Your board is serving on a completely volunteer basis, and they are working hard for everyone’s best interest; that is a very challenging thing to do!  So please, everyone give three cheers for your awesome board—we’re all on the same team!

As for me, I am still around and will continue to support our school in whatever way I can.   I look forward to seeing you on campus, at assemblies and festivals, or wherever our paths may cross.

Thank you for being such a great school!

With love and gratitude,

Renee Parks






Operations Group

The Operations Group works  to handle communication and to ensure that faculty are regularly updated and consulted during school operations.  It is made up of the Early Childhood faculty chair, Grades faculty chair, and the Executive Director. This group meets weekly.

Parent Council

Parent Council’s purpose is to enhance the community life of the school.  It’s goals are to
– encourage active, positive communication between parents, classes, committees and the governing bodies of the school,
– inspire parent involvement in the school,
– provide a forum for parents’ ideas, initiatives and concerns,
– coordinate social and educational events for the school community, and
– strengthen our connection to the Anchorage community by hosting education events and initiating community service projects.

Fall Gala Committee

Creates a signature event that raises our school’s profile and supports our school’s financial health.

Finance Committee

Assists the Board of Trustees and the Executive Director in assuring the positive financial health of the school by monitoring finance, budgeting and making financial recommendations.

Hiring Committee
Recruits and oversees the hiring process for main classroom teachers, specialty teachers and aftercare providers.

Marketing & Enrollment Team 
Develops and executes successful marketing materials and enrollment strategy, with the goal of building the student body to a level that provides stability for the school and strengthens our vibrant learning environment.

School Store Committee
Maintains our school store as a community resource for high quality items that support Waldorf education. Volunteer school store committee members manage inventory, sales and reconciliation.

Social Health Group
Facilitates and nurtures a healthy social environment within our school community, through the integration of social inclusion and community social health programs.

WalDads + HandyGals

Meets  quarterly to work on projects around school, including grounds keeping, repair + maintenance, and organization.