Philosophy & Mission

We are part of a rapidly growing international community of independent schools that embrace Waldorf™ Education. These schools share a common philosophy that was initially developed by Austrian philosopher and scientist Dr. Rudolf Steiner. Independent Waldorf schools are committed to academic excellence and offer their students a rigorous, rich curriculum in preparation for the further education of the child and to meet the challenges of modern life.

Waldorf pedagogy nurtures healthy emotional development by exploring subject areas experientially as well as academically. The heart of the Waldorf philosophy is a belief that education is an art:  we seek to understand each child as a unique thinking, feeling and willing individual. Independent Waldorf education also acknowledges that each child is a developing human being with their own capacities and potential. We strive to prepare each child to meet an ever-changing world with tools for life-long learning: mastery of academic skills, social and emotional intelligence, physical grace and agility, artistic sensibilities and spiritual awareness – appropriate for their age and developmental stage.Planing with Pete

People are usually drawn to the Anchorage Waldorf School because of the caring, personal atmosphere that is based on a deep understanding of the needs of the growing child. Through our rich curriculum and innovative teaching methods, we address the whole child, working to develop clarity in thought, balance in feeling, and conscience and initiative in action. Our rigorous academic program challenges the students to develop clear, creative thought and expression, and our nurturing social environment gives students confidence. Most of all, the close human relationships at our school help the students develop a strong sense of themselves and an awareness of others.

The groundwork for Anchorage Waldorf School was laid in 1988 and has since grown into an active and accomplished Waldorf school community, offering Waldorf Education from pre-Kindergarten through 8th Grade.


The mission of Anchorage Waldorf School is to spark and nurture the highest potential in humanity.

Our 20 Year Vision

Anchorage Waldorf School will be a thriving learning community changing the world through the depth and vision of our approach to education.

  • Our Early Childhood through 12th grade programs reflect and inspire creativity, artistry and social responsibility.
  • We are fully enrolled, financially strong and growing.
  • Our distinctive campus and architecturally inspiring facilities are well-crafted, well tended and reflect care for the earth.
  • Our agreements and processes are clear and trusted.
  • We are a diverse multi-generational community staying connected with those who have participated in our journey.
  • We host children and adults from around the world to share the magnificence of Alaska, through conferences, workshops, trainings and educational exchanges.
  • We are a respected leading voice in Alaska’s educational community.

Our Social Mission


Our Core Values


Childhood is the foundation of a healthy, productive life. We honor, protect and nurture the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual being of the developing child.

Existence of Spirit:

We acknowledge the existence of spirit and respect all paths to understanding.

Imagination and Creativity:

We believe that imagination and creativity are fundamental. Art, music and movement are integral to our curriculum.

Community and Social Responsibility:

We value an atmosphere of social renewal and stewardship in which individuals flourish and can contribute to the greater good of all.


We value the freedom to educate according to the needs of each child, so they may become free, independent thinkers.

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Legal Identity

The Anchorage Waldorf Education Association (‘AWEA’) is the organizational and governing body behind the Anchorage Waldorf School.

AWEA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, IRS No. 92-0132913

3250 Baxter Road, Anchorage, AK 99504
Tel: 907-333-9062 | Fax: 907-338-9362

Waldorf Trademark

Waldorf™ is a trademark name in the United States, and is reserved for independent schools which meet the membership standards established by Associated Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA). The Anchorage Waldorf School is a member of AWSNA, and uses the name here with permission.