Since I’ve been here, I’ve learned there are so many more things inside of me.

–a new grades student at the Anchorage Waldorf School

I wanted to thank the camp teachers for the wonderful camp they provided. My children had such a great time, and did such fabulous activities. My kids enjoyed being able to choose to participate or not, based on what they felt like doing. They felt safe and comfortable. Thank you for putting on such a great camp.

-a summer camp parent

Since my child has come to the Aurora (Anchorage) Waldorf School, her curiosity and imagination and love of learning have been rekindled. She’s reading for pleasure again. And she is, on her own initiative, happily making up projects above and beyond her schoolwork–which involve reading, research, map reading and art. What my child says of her new school is that ‘kids can be themselves at Waldorf’.

–a parent at the Anchorage Waldorf School of Alaska

My child is thriving at the Aurora (Anchorage) Waldorf School, and developing into a capable, self-assured and socially adept young lady.

–a parent at the Anchorage Waldorf School

I would like to thank you for sending such a wonderful group of youngsters. They were very well behaved and well mannered. I usually judge the caliber of groups that come here by the condition in which they leave the showers and tents. The showers were very clean even after much use, and the tents appeared as if no one had spent much time in them. But the most tell-tale thing about your group was the fact that the dining room tablecloths hardly looked the worse for ware, even after one evening’s meal of pasta and tomato sauce. The sea kayaking and bicycling events all went well. Our kayak guides were pleased that everyone was attentive to the safety instruction before the trip and to the many sea creatures and wildlife they encountered on the tour. This group was a joy to have here. We all wish them well as they enter high school and are confident they will succeed after such a good foundation the Waldorf program has provided them.

–Anthony Lastufka
Proprietor, Across the Bay Tent and Breakfast, Homer, Alaska
Written to the parents of the 2005 8th grade class after their graduation trip