Summer Camp 2014

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Anchorage Waldorf School’s Summer Camps are a unique experience for your children, designed around Waldorf educational principles, valuing each child, letting them express themsleves through nature and discovery.

Each week will bring a new experience:

  • Big Kids Camps
  • KinderCamps

Special option: Strings Camp – July 7-11

Join Mary Schallert, our orchestra instructor and a BP Teacher of Excellence, for a week of musical exploration and inspiration. This strings camp is for experienced musicians going into the fourth grade and up.

Week 1: Herbal Remedies – July 14-18

What is the science of soap-making? What about making lip balm or homemade tea? What are the ways the Natural World can help heal us? This week we will examine the basic elements found in our world and what everyday things we can create from simple, natural ingredients.

Week 2: Travel the World in 5 Days – July 21-25

Experience a mosaic of vibrant cultures through story, craft, and cuisine this week. We’ll visit North America following the steps of Native Peoples, then journey across the seas to the Buddhist monks in Nepal. We’ll safari in Africa, spend a day Down Under and soak in the Black Sea of Turkey. Jump aboard this global adventure for a peek at life outside Anchorage!

Week 3: Build and Bake – July 28 – Aug 1

From setting stones to constructing homemade breads and pizzas, this week is all about productivity and purpose! First we will construct an outdoor cob oven from the ground up, then get down to the busy work of bakers and chefs. What an opportunity to keep those summer hands busy!

FULL! Registration Closed.Week 4: Art in Nature – Aug 4-8

Experience art through the lens of Waldorf Education — get those hands busy and create! Incorporating natural foraged items, campers will felt wool, paint on canvas, and work with a visiting ceramist on clay building. Optional woodworking project for grade 4 and up based on enrollment.

Join our pre-school teacher for four weeks of elfin magic and dandelion fun — a magical journey through the forest kingdom where squirrels scamper, winds whisper and gnomes scurry beneath spruce boughs. Through story, song and craft, the youngest children will enjoy wholesome childhood fun beneath the Alaskan summer sun.

FULL! Registration Closed. Week 1: Dandelions and Elves – July 14-18

FULL! Registration Closed. Week 2: Earth, Color, Grow – July 21-25

FULL! Registration Closed. Week 3: Into the Forest – July 28-Aug 1

FULL! Registration Closed.Week 4: Bunnies, Birdlings, and Minnows – Aug 4-8

Before and After Care

Before care is available for ages 5-14 from 8:00am-9:00am at a cost of $25 per week.
After care is available for 5 year olds from 1:00pm-3:00pm for a cost of $40 per week.
After care is available for ages 6-14 from 3:00pm-6:00pm for a cost of $65 per week.

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