Welcome Peter Wulsin Karnowski, Eurythmy Practicum Teacher

Peter Wulsin Karnowski is currently in his 4th year at the American Eurythmy School in Mt. Shasta, California. He is originally from Spring Valley, N.Y. where he attended Green Meadow Waldorf School. Later he moved to northern California to pursue his passion for woodworking. From a young age (he was often called ‘an old soul’) Peter had questions about what it means to be a human being – why are we here? Do we have a purpose? These questions eventually led him to study Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy (“the wisdom of humanity”). Through this study, Peter joined an adult eurythmy class. Having grown up with eurythmy, he had a special aversion to the art, but was determined to give it another chance. He had a deep experience of eurythmy in that first class and experienced true social work. Upon visiting the American Eurythmy School he was inspired by the idea that humans beings can grow and change on a path toward spiritual development.He hopes to teach eurythmy and woodworking, and dreams of working therapeutically using Curative Eurythmy in the future.

Eurythmy makes speech and music visible, and also is a social art that helps classes, faculty and groups understand themselves and the social connection that makes such important work possible. It can be a movement meditation, performance art, social exercise and therapeutic art. Join us for the eurythmy assembly on Friday November 22 at 2pm when grades 2-7 will share their eurythmy, and Peter will perform two solo pieces for our community.