O​ur Summer of Wonder camps deliver Waldorf values with fun, creativity ​and outdoor exploration. There are six week-long camps in June, July and August including Strings Camp with Mary Schallert, acclaimed Orchestra Teacher, and weekly camps offering age-appropriate craft activities, nature observation and outdoor play tailored for kindergarten (ages 4 to 6) and elementary children (ages 6 to 12). Before and after-camp care is available.

These camps are open to all.

KINDER CAMP9am – 1pm
Age 4 by the first day of the week of camp registered and for those who have completed Kindergarten and will be rising first graders in the Fall of 2017.
BIG KID CAMP: 9am – 3pm
Children who have completed First Grade through those who have completed Sixth grade.

BEFORE CARE for ages 5-12 is $25/week for 8am-9am

KINDER CAMP AFTER CARE  for ages 5 & 6 only is $50/week for 1pm-3pm
If you need your 5 or 6 year old to stay later please register for Big Kids After Care 3pm-6pm

BIG KIDS AFTER CARE for ages 6-12  is $60/week for 3pm-6pm



Early Bird Special rates: Register and paid in full by May 1
KINDER camps for 4-6 year olds (including rising first graders) $200/week
BIG KID camps for 6-12 year olds (rising 2nd graders and older) $250/week
Orchestra Strings Camp for 7–12 year olds $250


Regular Rates
KINDER camps for 4-6 year olds (including rising first graders) $225/week
BIG KIDS camps for 6-12 year olds (rising 2nd graders and older) $275/week
Strings Camp for 7–12 year olds $275

Special Option | Orchestra Strings Camp
June 26-30

Join Mary Schallert, our orchestra instructor and BP Teacher of Excellence, for a week of musical exploration and inspiration.  We welcome beginning strings players ages 7-12 to learn the basics, as well as more experienced players looking to hone skills. Campers benefit from inspired small group instruction, with individual attention from Mary and our talented youth counselors.


BIG KID CAMP | Magic, Myth and Alchemy

This week we’ll explore a menagerie of mythical creatures, create a colorful circus, learn magic tricks and brew kitchen concoctions yummy enough for the fussiest unicorns. Through art, creative theater and kitchen science, we’ll explore our inner magic and learn about the many golden talents we bring to the world!

KINDERS CAMP | Earthworms & Ladybugs

The children will explore the wonderful world of worms and insects through observation, stories and songs.

5, 6, 7

BIG KID CAMP | Fantastic Fiber Fun

Through directed study, campers learn the ins and outs of fiber. From natural shibori dying, yarn painting, felting and knitting, we will explore the culture and history of cloth with the greater message that it takes many small threads to create a strong community.

There will be no camp on Monday July 3 or Tuesday July 4.

KINDERS CAMP | Rainbows & Pollywogs

Whether you find us engaged in water play, watercolor or simply munching watermelon, there is bound to be water involved throughout the day.

There will be no camp on Monday July 3 or Tuesday July 4.



Turbo-charge your art experience! We’ll move muscles, play music and lead with our hearts, creating art from new media each day. This is sure to be a camper and counselor favorite! With daily introduction to famous artists throughout history, this is an epic art lesson not to be missed, with the biggest message of all: we are all artist in our own way!

KINDERS CAMP | A Flurry of Fairies

Children will have the opportunity to soak in the natural world by tending to the garden, digging in the sand, and splashing in the water while keeping an eye out for our fairy friends.​


BIG KID CAMP | Travel the World in 5 Days

World traveling counselors take campers on a week-long journey to discover new territory. Visit a new country every day — Peru, Switzerland, Bolivia, Prague and Nepal — learning about geography, culture, festivals and most importantly — homemade cuisine!

KINDERS CAMP | Jump, Skip & Hop

Let’s have a fun week of movement, interactive and fun games that will delight the children.


BIG KID CAMP | Cosmos and Crystals

The elemental forces that create and shape our universe are vast, mysterious and worthy of exploration! Rock hounds will study gems and crystals, then gaze up to learn about constellations with week-long activities emerging from the four foundational elements — earth, air, water, fire — and the kingdoms they reign!

KINDERS CAMP | Once Upon a Time

Rich stories and fairy tales will make for a wonderful magical week.


BIG KID CAMP | Trash to Treasure

What can we do with all this stuff too cool to recycle just yet? Learn about sustainability, our fragile environment and how to create art from anything! Bring interesting (or ho-hum) recyclables and we’ll build a wonderful week of turning well-known trash objects into beautiful creations.

KINDERS CAMP | Magic & Mud

Mud, marvelous mud! Mud pies, mud muffins, mud canals and roads — this is the week to wear rubber boots, turn on the hose and make a magical mess. We encourage free play in all our Kindergarten camps and we sure aren’t afraid of a little dirt and water. This is how children inadvertently learn about everything from the natural world to hydrology!


BIG KID CAMP | Magic, Meditation & Sacred Geometry

We’ll ask questions of the natural world this week – why are shells so perfectly formed? Is it magic? No, it’s geometry! While exploring the many ways geometry appears in nature, we’ll also turn inward, learning thoughtful, simple insight and practice forms of meditation and yoga this week.

KINDERS CAMP | Knights & Dragons

Through brave free play, manners practice through chivalrous deeds and the development of dexterity and patience through art-based projects, the Knights & Dragons Kindergarten Camp is sure to please both the lionhearted and the shy unicorns in your family.