Tailored Tuition

The Anchorage Waldorf School enjoys the freedom to teach and meet the needs of our students with the highest quality education possible. As an independent school since our beginning 25 years ago, we are not tied to government funding and oversight. Instead, the resources for making the conscious choice to be independent are derived from private funding, the principal source being tuition.


Our school welcomes families who share our school’s values. Children and adults at our school benefit greatly from being part of a community with a diverse economic spectrum. This economic diversity is critical to sustaining a healthy school culture. As part of our school’s Social Mission we strive to make an independent Waldorf education accessible to all children and view our families as assets in our rich community life. Likewise, we view every family’s tuition as a form of contribution toward the operation and well being of the school.

In order for a wide economic spectrum of families to attend our school, tuition is tailored for each family according to their ability to pay.  All families benefit from the total revenue derived from every family’s tuition payments and additional philanthropic donations.



New families should first submit an enrollment application and undergo the enrollment process at the school prior to applying for Tailored Tuition (through TADS).


In order to objectively determine a family’s ability to pay tuition, we use figures from TADS, a trusted third party financial assessment service. If a family is able to pay tuition at the top of the range, they need not apply to TADS.


To apply for Tailored Tuition, visit TADS secure login website. Please be aware that TADS charges a processing fee of $39 that must be included with your application and forms. Once our school has received the results from TADS, a tuition committee will convene and send a letter to the family announcing their tailored tuition to meet your family’s needs for the upcoming school year. All financial information you provide will be held in strict confidence.


A tuition deposit of $250 per child will be required at the time of enrollment in order to secure a place in the child’s class.


An optional sibling discount of 20% is available for the second, third, and successive younger siblings for those families paying the top of the tuition range. Families also may choose to waive their sibling discount, as some have done in past years, and use the discount as a tax deductible donation.


We appreciate your interest in The Anchorage Waldorf School. Please contact our Enrollment Team at 907-333-9062 if you have any additional questions.