The purpose of Anchorage Waldorf School is to spark and nurture the highest potential in humanity.

Our Vision

To offer an independent Waldorf education that honors and nurtures the human spirit in each child within a vibrant community.


Our Mission

To provide the depth and vision of an authentic Waldorf education through a commitment to developing the whole child and fostering a life-long love of learning.


Our Social Mission

The social mission of The Anchorage Waldorf School is to promote the evolution of humanity through our actions, from the everyday to the large scale.  We promote the right of everyone to freely develop his and her capacities to become the best human being possible.  Throughout our school, we emphasize serving others, honoring our connection to the earth, and promoting peace.  Based on these values, our school strives to make Waldorf education accessible to all children, regardless of economic circumstances, and celebrates the gifts that a diverse community delivers.  We believe that all human beings should be treated with equal dignity and respect, with brotherhood’s being a principle value at our school.  In all of these ways, we strive to be a model of how the larger world could be.

Our Core Values

Childhood is the foundation of a healthy, productive life. We honor, protect and nurture the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual being of the developing child.

Existence of Spirit:
We acknowledge the existence of spirit and respect all paths to understanding.

Imagination and Creativity:
We believe that imagination and creativity are fundamental.  Art, music and movement are integral to our curriculum.

Community and Social Responsibility:
We value an atmosphere of social renewal and stewardship in which individuals flourish and can contribute to the greater good of all.

We value the freedom to educate according to the needs of each child, so they may become free, independent thinkers.

Based on these values, our school strives to make Waldorf education accessible to all children regardless of economic circumstances and celebrate the gifts that a diverse community brings to us.